WordPress Support & Retainers

Honest, no-nonsense WordPress help and support.

Whether you need support for a simple WordPress blog or a large corporate site, I can help.

I maintain and support WordPress websites for Individuals and Businesses across Sussex, ensuring that it stands up to the test of time and anything that is thrown at it along the way.

How do I sign up?

First I need to take a look at your site before you can sign up for my WordPress Support. I do this for a lot of reasons, but the main one is that I need to be sure that I can provide support for your site.

1. Site Review & Audit

Not all WordPress sites are equal, so I need to suggest the best solution and support for your site. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you right away.

2. Discuss Options

Once I’ve had a look at your site and a quick chat about your requirements, I’ll suggest what I think is the best option for you and your business.

3. All Set

With a support plan in place, you’re all set. You can then talk to me about any issues or work on your site by phone, email, or WhatsApp if that’s easier for you.

I don’t just fix WordPress issues you know. This means that my support services cover far more than just the occasional update or tweak.

Support & Retainer F.A.Q

Do you cover websites not built on WordPress?

Absolutely, I have experience in all manner of systems, WordPress, Shopify, Sqaurespace and Craft CMS to name a few.

Do you provide support for bespoke WordPress sites?

That depends very much on the level of customisation within the site. If it’s been developed using non-standard WordPress stuff, then it might be a bit trickier.

Does your support cover hosting/server issues?

If I host your site, yes. If I don’t, I can take a look at any issues as part of your support time.

I am looking for support because my site is broken – can you fix it?

I can fix it before you take out support. I have WordPress Quick Fixes solutions. Once fixed, I can then talk about ongoing support.

I have a very large mission-critical website – can you support that?

I’ll need to have a chat on the phone about creating a bespoke support package for you, but I’m sure I can help.

Do you do search engine optimisation?

It’s at the heart of everything I do. A lot of my support time is used on SEO, from site speed improvements to on-page SEO. I work with a dedicated SEO expert for more technical issues so your in safe hands.

Why can’t I sign-up online?

Unlike a lot of WordPress Support agencies, I like to have a look at your site and run some tests on it before I offer you support (and take your money).
Until I’ve run these tests I don’t know anything about the condition of your site. I can’t promise I am able to support you if I don’t know what I am dealing with.

Can’t find an answer?

If you can’t find an answer to your question above, get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Request a Site Audit

I’ll review your current site, its’ theme and plugins to check that everything is ok.

A complete site audit is a powerful asset, it’s like having a full service done on your car. Alerting and making you aware of any problems that might be brewing before they have a larger effect on your website and ability to operate your business.

I’ll take a quick look at your site to see how big an audit you may need (99% of the time a few hours is enough and a typical audits cost £100).