WordPress Quick Fixes

Get your WordPress site fixed quickly

If your WordPress site has a problem I’ll take a look at it for you – I can fix most WordPress issues quickly and without all the fuss. Oh and if you’d rather drop me a call to explain then feel free. Get in contact today to arrange your WordPress Fix.

I can help with

  • WordPress theme and plugin support 
  • Error and bug fixing 
  • WordPress migrations 
  • Malware cleanup and security protection 
  • WordPress Speed, Google Page Speed
  • Configure a WordPress Plugin
  • Fix the white screen of death
  • Set up website caching
  • Fix a WordPress database connection error
  • Contact forms not delivering emails
  • Fix PHP Errors
  • Tweak CSS

Follow these steps to get your WordPress site fixed.

1. Complete the form

Send me your details and as much information as you can about the issues you are experiencing with your WordPress site. Don’t’ hold back on the small things, give me as much information as you can.

2. I’ll take a look

I’ll take a quick look at your site to see what the issue might be, I can then give you a better idea of how long it might take to fix. I charge by the hour with most fixes being solved in this time and costing £50, however, I will always let you know in more detail.

3. Get it fixed

Firstly I’ll log into your site and take a full backup, better to be safe than sorry. Once completed I’ll begin to fix the issues, getting your site working properly again. I’ll also make a few recommendations on how you might avoid further problems in the future.

Not got a WordPress site but still need a Quick Fix? No problem get in touch.

Common examples of WordPress Quick Fixes

Fix a hacked site

If your site has been defaced by a malicious third party, it is important to not only clean the infection but to stop it from happening again. I’ll remove the source of the problem, add some protection to your site, and set you up with regular backups to add another line of defence in future.

Speed up a WordPress Site

A slow site forces customers elsewhere. There are optimisations I can make that reduce loading times, for example by caching data to stop a site being slwo to load. This can cut the bounce rate on your website and improves the experience for your visitors.

Regular Updates

WordPress must be updated along with all plugins and themes. Updates can cause conflicts or errors or may clash with web server settings such as PHP versions. I’ll take care of this all for you. Is your WordPress website worth fixing?

Set up Backups

Configure both files and databases for regular backups to the. I’ll will set up backups in the best possible way for your site.

Get your WordPress issue fixed.

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