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  • A reliable Squarespace Designer comfortable with custom, advanced and enterprise scale work?
  • A Squarespace Designer who can help you launch your big idea?
  • Guaranteed professional development delivering successful projects for startups, medium, large and global businesses, big brands and digital agencies?
Squarespace Help & Support

I have a decade’s worth of experience delivering successful websites for startups, medium-large businesses, and big brands. That’s why my Squarespace Help & Support is at the core of what I do. With personalized help and education, I am able to guide my clients to the best solution for them and get their Squarespace website up and running in no time.

I love to create beautiful and functional websites. After all, I’m a Squarespace specialist. With a great team of additional talent around me, that includes designers, content writers, SEO experts, and back-end developers I’m able to handle your project in-house. I can save you hours of frustration, I can either do the work for you OR teach you how to do it yourself.

Some examples of tasks my Squarespace Help & Support Includes

Update up your website design

Maybe you’ve recently been through a re-brand, or simply want to freshen up the look of your site.

Make template changes

Is your current Squarespace template not suited to your business needs? No problem, together we can select a new template and migrate your pages over, seamlessly.

Maybe you’ve recently had an SEO audit carried out and you need to update technical aspects of your website or ensure it’s optimised for the latest Google update.

Add pages, content, and images

Learn how to scale your site along with your business by adding new content that’s set up correctly and optimized for SEO.

Set up a blog

I can save you time getting your blog to look and function the way that you want, and teach you how to properly maintain your new blog content at the same time.

Learn how to follow Sqaurespace best practices

Understand how to make simple design changes that will look beautiful, and perform well.

Make SEO improvements

Start ranking higher by optimizing your on-site SEO, and learn how to maintain this process going forward.

Why Choose me for your Squarespace Help & Support?

My clients choose to work with me because I am passionate about what I do and love the fact that I take the time to fully understand their requirements.

If your Squarespace solution is not up to scratch it could affect your business and its’ profits.

Whether you’re thinking about creating something new on the Squarespace platform or updating your existing Squarespace website, you’ll need an expert Squarespace Designer to oversee your project.

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Client Testimonial

I would definitely recommend Dan for any website related help. Not only did he quickly fix several glitches my e-commerce site had acquired, but he was an invaluable source of help and advice when discussing the best way to make full use of my site and creative ways to gain new customers. He was friendly and easy to work with and his advice was honest and not at all salesy. I’ll definitely be calling on his help again for any future web development work.

Julie Annis – hollyhocklane.co.uk

I’d love to work with you.

If you’ve got a project in mind, or just want to have a chat, please get in touch.

I believe in honest communication and working with dedicated passionate people to create meaningful changes that have a measurable impact on your business.